Golden Stripes

Lazer Pictures in conjunction with EvritFilms distribution is set to release ‘’Golden Stripes’’ a film directed by London-based filmmaker Peace Osigbe and produced by Marc Adebesin. Golden Stripes is set to hit the British mainstream cinemas for a nationwide cinema exhibition for theatrical release from September 2022, with a grand premiere to be held in London.
Golden Stripes has been issued an official British Film Institute certification as a British film as it was shot in the cities of London, Kent & Essex, `comprising of a cosmopolitan cast line-up that includes Elikem Agbesi, Tanya Lindsay, Isobel Moon, Habida Moloney, Chloe Van Harding, Victoria Inyama, Benjamin Adebesin amongst others
Golden Stripes would be distributed by an International Film distributor ‘’EvritFilms’. EvritFilms took on the film based on some of the issues and subjects it would address in British society which includes sexual abuse in children and its effect, Effects of gang practices and Nepotism. ‘Golden Stripes’ target audience would predominantly be the young and old
As EvritFilms already partner with ODEON, CINEWORLD, VUE, and other Independent Cinema chains across the United Kingdom and Europe to make the nationwide release a theatrical success and get it to its intended target audience.
The title Golden stripes stem from the scars that one may get following an injury or trauma. Tyrone goes through his metaphorical “stripes” yet these trials and tribulations do not break him while he turns his life around. Tyrone’s stripes become golden when he reaches for the stars.
Synopsis: A young, man named Tyrone embarked on a fulfilling journey as an artist following a tumultuous start in life. As a child, Tyrone was subjected to horrific abuse in a foster home that violated their duty of care. Fast forward years later, Tyrone is a fiercely determined young man, set to make a difference and positively impact his community with powerful paintings that depict those who influence and inspire him. He is supported by a loving, intelligent girlfriend, Naomi, and an equally nurturing adoptive family, consisting of his larger-than-life mother, Ibukun, reserved politician father, Abiola, and headstrong, intelligent journalist sister, Folasade.
After an encounter with a group of mysterious criminals following his television debut, Tyrone is killed. Tyrone’s murder case sends shockwaves across the nation, yet ultimately goes cold. Following multiple cries for answers and justice from Tyrone’s family and the community, Folasade takes the matter into her own hands, which leads her down a dark and dangerous path, blowing up everything she thought she knew about life in the process.
Golden Stripes is a powerful modern tale that will take viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and leave viewers with thoughts long after the film is over.