Date: 12th June 2021


Venue: Cineworld - O2Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX United Kingdom

A powerful Army General attempts to guide Nigeria through a viciously strained era in this first of its kind authorised biopic.

About this event

Born in a small village in northern Nigeria called Wushishi, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida or IBB as he is fondly called, loses both of his parents by the age of 14.
It is his charm and intelligence that would propel him from that inauspicious beginning to the pinnacle of military politics in Africa’s most populous country.
But to fulfil his destiny, Babangida has to survive a brutal civil war, spearhead several successful military coups, escape a few ferocious plots on his own life and confront his deepest fears.
But when fate pitches the General against the will of 150 million tough Nigerians, something has to got to give. Babangida has won several battles to rule Nigeria for 8 years.
However, with the country about to implode, he may have to lose the fight to bring her back from the brink.